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UPDATE: Nov. 23rd 2002

As most of you already aware, has acquired the Internet subscribers from Lower Keys Internet/Keys Digital (LKI).


We were in the process of transitioning the subscribers from LKI's network to our network in an orderly fashion, when an unrelated event abruptly changed circumstances. On Nov 20 (Wed. night) at approximately 7:30pm, the backbone provider (ADC) for Lower Keys Internet went out of business without notice. This left Lower Keys Internet without any access to the Internet. The unexpected shutdown of ADC was totally unexpected and without forewarning.


Because of the sudden shutdown of ADC, SnappyDSL has greatly accelerated our transition plans. We are working diligently to transition all former LKI subscribers to our network and thus get back online as quickly as possible.


Please accept our apologies in advance if you have difficulty in getting through to our tech support staff. We are working as fast as we can and ask for your patience when you call (please be prepared for a long hold time during this unusual circumstance). Also feel free to contact us via email  or fax if you are not able to get through to us on the phone.  Email:  Fax: 305 663 5613 / 866-376-2779


If you are a Dial-up user:

We have some new instructions for you. Please call us so that we can get you back online.


If you are a DSL subscriber:

We have transitioned all of the DSL Subscribers to our network, and we have new settings for you. Please call and work with our Support staff so that we can get you back online.


For Hosted Web Sites & Mail Accounts:-

We are working to get these back online as quickly as possible, however we need your assistance in getting your Domain Name(s) to be pointing to our DNS Servers. Please contact us, so that we can get this process completed.


SnappyDSL.Net    Tel: (305)663-5518 (Miami)

                              Tel: (866) 762-7793 (Toll Free)

                              Fax: (305)663-5613 / (866-376-2779)

   Email: Support@SnappyDSL.Net



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